The Right Fit in a Job

This was a super hard lesson for me to learn in 4-5 months. I had been looking for a job in the game industry since May… I guess last december or longer really… but May without school or another commitment in the way. Basically my “start date” on applications was Yesterday! I had some interviews […]

Long Time No See

So that was a bit of a stretch.  I am bummed I have not been writing much of the goings ons. I found that I am not the best at writing when I feel like nothing is happening. Soon after graduating, I did not have a job yet lined up and so I was home […]

Tweets and Blogs

I was looking back on the last few months for my devblog and it is pretty sparse. The funny thing is I have been crazy busy wrapping up some big projects. Finishing my thesis project Drop Drop GDC week was nutso Wrapping up my research with the Lassonde Center on making a good medical game. […]

Producer or Designer

I wrapped up my masters degree and the official degree is Masters in Fine Arts: Film and Media Arts Department, emphasis in Video Game Production from the Entertainment Arts and Engineering: Masters Game Studio program. If that is not a mouthful, I don’t know what is. I have been looking for jobs in the last […]

4 Cennie Spennie of the Winds

The first of May we graduated from the second best program in the nation in video game design. It has been a great experience and wonderful people to be around. The day was pretty fun to see everyone “one last time” as students. We all had a breakfast as a program and Roger dubbed us […]

IGDA Scholarship Baby!

I recently found out that I am an IGDA scholar … again! This is such a cool program that I am proud to be apart of. I was looking at old posts and I have a slew of drafts from when I went to Casual Connect as a scholar. I had written down a ton […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Last week was hard. Like slept very little and did not eat much hard. I spent as much time talking to my advisors about what I did. I was floored to get the encouragement and forgiveness they showed me. Take aways from each were *hugs* – That is all he said and it was what […]